‘Build’ Collage


Please upload the photo of your choice to include in your ‘Build’ print.
We can work with house plans whether they are birdseye or frontal view. Please specify if you wish to remove any components from your plans ( i.e text)
Real photos of houses are welcome too as long as they are of decent resolution.
Please let us know if you would like your uploaded photo to feature in the middle of your print to be Black + White, Colour or alternatively you can leave it up to LL to decide.
Please insert a caption of your choice to sit neatly at the base of your print. This text will be small and minimalistic but is the opportunity to finish off your print with beautiful words of meaning.
Please double check your spelling and punctuation as we will emulate exactly what you have written.

You can select whether your poem reads:
‘they built a house with...’ or ‘they bought a house of...’
depending on your individual circumstance. Just select below...

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Design Features: 

The ‘Build’ Print... the latest option to come from the dreamscape of LL!

Your personal house plan or photo, placed amongst Jesselou’s brushed out poem, ‘Timber, Brick +Stone’ with your custom caption bringing it altogether below.

Your image surrounded by pastel watercolour brushstrokes and finished off with a touch of neutral botanics making for a truly beautiful piece of art honouring your home.

Using gallery quality inks printed on premium and luxurious textured 100% cotton rag, acid free, heavy card stock.

Creating quality keepsakes for you to treasure for a lifetime.

Available in A4 / A3 / A2



LL Delivery Details + ETAs:

+ Free Local Pick Up available from our Southport showroom.

+ $7.50 Flat Rate Standard Shipping Aus Wide (for orders under $99)

+ Spend over $99 for FREE Standard Shipping

+ Express Post Aus-Wide Flat Rate of $10

+ Afterpay Available at the checkout.

Due to Covid-19 related International Shipping delays, we are only accepting International Orders from NEW ZEALAND. Thank you for your understanding.




+ GIFT Certificates

+ APPAREL + TEXTILES (not preorder items)



Due to the level of customisation of the following pieces, we do require up to 3 weeks to complete your order.

+ CAPTURE prints

+ DESTI edit




Due to the level of customisation of the following pieces we do require up to 4 weeks to complete your order.


+ TATTOO designs


+ If ordering multiple items we will ship all items at once when the final piece is complete of your order, unless requested otherwise.


Framing Recommendations:

Ikea, Freedom Furniture and Target have a wonderful range of ready made frames that suit the A-format we offer. In saying that, nothing beats the quality and longevity of custom framing, so if you can source a local framer to professionally frame your print for you, even better.


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