I've so helplessly watched the devastation sweep across our nation, Australia, the past week. My heart has broken and all I've ever known to do with a broken heart is turn it into some sort of art, to share and express, so hopefully we all feel a little less alone.

To help raise much needed funds for the community, I have written this poem and created this artwork. It's called 'tears to rain' and it is my heart on paper at current.


"if only these tears would turn to rain

wash away the heartache and its roaring flame

put our heroes at ease, soften this lands pain

this helplessness, this sadness, too strong to constrain

if only these tears would turn to rain

a nation mourning our “boundless plains”

heavy, scared hearts, easy to turn to blame

time to support each other, talk about ‘change’

if only these tears would turn to rain

sorry to our furry friends, forever run free, in heavens terrain

to the lives of loved ones lost, your legacy will forever reign

together this country cries and together is where we will remain

if only these tears would turn to rain"


It is available as a PDF download, ready for you to print and frame in your home for a donation of AUD$15.

Once you have purchased your print, a direct link will be emailed to you via the email address you provide at checkout.

The full proceeds of this fundraiser will go to two organisations to help directly with the victims of the #australianbushfires :

RED CROSS ( redcross.org )


WIRES ( wires.org.au )

The print will be available for the next 4 days until Friday 10th Jan 4pm AEST. From there I will make a direct deposit to the chosen organisations in which I will be keeping my community updated on Instagram @louieluxe with proof of donation.