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Please include below your chosen wording/details for the hand lettered typography to sit neatly on the base/white part of your polaroid. Please keep this short and sweet - 1 to 3 words look best.
If you have 2 polaroid pics... simply explain below which text goes with which photo.
Photo 1 - bride on own : Mrs Stafford
Photo 2 - couple on beach : Forever x
Please include below your chosen wording/details for the hand lettered typography to sit neatly to the right under your chosen image. This could be the appropriate name(s), a date or place, a short poem or prose - just some suggestions.
Please let us know if you would like your uploaded photo to feature in the middle of your print to be Black + White, Colour or alternatively you can leave it up to LL to decide.
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Design Features: 

'Snapshot' the latest Collage Print option to come from the dreamscape of LL...

Ever had a photo you wanted to champion and cherish? Wanted time to stand still around the moment and capture the true essence of that magical point in time? Nothing beats the timeless snapshot frame - - so LL has created this piece to create one showstopper piece of art to adorn your walls, gift, cherish etc...

Your image (or two) sitting neatly in a framed square - front and centre. A pressed flower for a touch of romance and your choice of wording both on the white space of the snapshot and to the bottom right of the frame in pencil that sits so beautifully on our textured Hahnemeuhle cotton paper.


Using gallery quality inks printed on premium and luxurious textured 100% cotton rag, acid free, heavy card stock.

Creating quality keepsakes for you to treasure for a lifetime.

Available in A4 / A3 / A2  (dimensions listed in our FAQs).

Our turnaround times may vary depending on your item/s purchased. Head over to our order times & delivery page for more info.



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