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80 character max. (to ensure the design is not comprised)
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Design Features: 

LL’s timeless Collage design is here to stay in this heavenly effective template.... A dreamscape of watercolour splashes, pressed botanics, Jesselou’s beautiful poetry and hand lettering all centred around your provided photo and finished off with a custom caption. Making for a truly magical piece of love and art to gift and treasure.

"my biggest supporter
my very best friend
my strength comes from knowing
your unconditional love knows no end
no amount of words
could express the gratitude
i have for you
for everything you've done
and continue to do
for all that has been 
and all that is to come
i love doing life with you
my beautiful mum"

Original poetry and hand lettering by Jesselou. of LOUIE LUXE.

Using gallery quality inks printed on premium and luxurious textured 100% cotton rag, acid free, heavy card stock.

Creating quality keepsakes for you to treasure for a lifetime.

 (dimensions listed in our FAQs).

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