LL Custom Tattoo - Mixed Flora


Please include the wording you would like with the exact characters as you would like to see them.
Feel free to let LL know any other info you think might be helpful in bringing your design to life...

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LL Custom Tattoo Mixed Sheet is the perfect option for those who need to see their chosen words/names in a variety of styles before they go ahead with their inky piece!

Jesselou's hand lettered ink work along with her delicate flora illustrations make for the finest, simplest, sweetest designs perfect for your first, or next, fine line tattoo!

Simply provide your chosen words/name ( no longer than 3 words ) and allow up to 2 weeks for Jesselou to complete your design. From there, you will receive an email with your custom design to download and print to A4 to handover to your chosen fine line tattoo artist.

Each mixed sheet comprises of 6 flora designs (daisy, carnation, rose, anemone, dandelion, wildflower) and 3 just lettered designs. 

If you are after multiple options of your chosen words/name with just one particular flower, check out Jesselou's custom flora tattoo designs in the Tattoo Collection.

Due to the level of customisation of the following pieces we do require up to 4 weeks to complete your tattoo order.