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LL Hand illustrated delicate florals to sit prettily on your skin, LL Flora Tattoos are here ready to be paired with you custom lettered tattoo piece...

Let Louie Luxe hand letter your sacred words/names to adorn your skin for a lifetime to come. There is so much beauty in fine line tattoos and having them hand designed just for you (rather than a font) makes them so much more special in our personal opinion. Truly one of a kind!


1. Choose your flora design

2. Use the online checkbox's to tailor it to your liking (placement of lettering, placement on body, etc)

3. Let us know what your lettered component is to say 

 Keep in mind, the more characters you include, the longer the design will be on your body. We recommend a max of 24 letters for lettered stem and circle designs. We recommend 14 letters at  max if your lettering is to sit above the flower head or above or below the stem... if you are unsure if your chosen wording will work with your design, feel free to email and we can offer some peace of mind.

From there, LL will provide you with 10 beautiful options, all in her fine line signature style. To be clear, the floral element will remain the same in your provided samples, but the lettering for the wording will vary to give you a decent amount of designs to choose from.

From there, we provide you the high res design in PDF format via email for you to give to your tattoo artist to bring the design to life via ink on your skin.

N.B  The character count does not include punctuation i.e .,"

Disclaimer: Your provided designs are to be used for personal use only. Not for the use of logo, merchandise or product to on-sell.


LL Delivery Details + ETAs:  


Due to the level of customisation of the following pieces we do require up to 4 weeks to complete your order.


+ TATTOO designs


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