Our Story

Established in 2014 from the spare bedroom of Jesse's family home, Louie Luxe, was brought to life when Mama, Artist, Poet, Jesselou started sharing pictures of her creative endeavours on a secret Instagram page she had named 'Finding Louie' which bloomed into the refreshing, connection driven brand, Louie Luxe.

Feeling the universe's pull to pursue her creative calling, she set out in search of the very things that brought the simplest of joys to her artistic heart. This included everything from her favourite recipes and meals she cooked, artworks and illustrations she brushed out by hand, original poetry and musings, sewing adventures and a good chunk of her love for styling events and her home. The more she shared, the more her online following grew and before too long her community were requesting to have some LL art for their own homes and life celebrations.

Years on and the LL brand offers a beautiful and diverse range of products, celebrating life, love, family, food and home with clients and LL life lovers all across the globe.