I have seen that you have done Custom Floating Type and Custom Cake Toppers in the past... is this something that you can still provide?

Although, customised names and toppers was where it all began for Louie Luxe, this service is not something I can provide going forward. I encourage you to have a good look on Instagram as there are so many amazing small businesses doing that customised style of work. The only custom option I have available is the custom work in my Custom Prints section of the website.

Do you ship Worldwide?

Absolutlely! The free shipping only applies to Australia... the cart will calculate your shipping depending on your location for all other countries.

What is that font you use?

The basis of my brand IS my hand lettering. No fonts here (except for the occasional teeny tiny caption on a custom piece at the bottom of the print) - my designs are created using high quality inks, brushes, paper and my hands. I digitalise the artwork to bring you your pieces in tangible form.

Can you provide framing for your prints?

This service is not something I offer at this stage. Please check out my framing tips and recommendations in the Product Descriptions of my Custom Print range for my thoughts on frames!

Do your prints come in other sizes?

Yes, if you are after something in particular when it comes to sizing, let me know and I will be able to provide you with a specialised quote via email.

Are your decals removable?

Yes, they are! As long as the paint they are going on is in good nick...
Unfortunately, once removed, they will lose their stick and shape, therefore you won't be able to use that design again. You'll have to pick another!

Are you able to create my brand logo using your hand lettering?

I have had the pleasure of working with a decent number of brands to bring their logo to life. At present, however, I am focussing on creating beautiful products for my online store to help spread my message of love and growth.

Can you do my Wedding Signage, Place Cards, Table Numbers, Invitations etc...?

This is not something I specialise in... I hope you are able to find a suitable supplier for your big day!

What does Orientation mean?

Your print layout will be either created in the Portrait or Landscape layouts... you just have to choose your preference for the space it is going in. If you are unsure, portrait is generally preferred...


What does A4/A3/A2 mean in terms of sizing?

Any other questions? Fire us a line via the contact form. Alternatively, email us directly at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.