Please include the typed text you would like to see on the torn page. The more wording, the smaller the text will be. If you have a lot of wording (in particular, lengthy vows) then please choose for no smaller than an A3 piece. If it is a piece of LL's original poetry, please just include the name of the poem you would like the wording to read... i.e. the poem in the product photo is 'firstborn' by LL
Please upload the photo of your choice to feature in the polaroid frame.
Please let us know if you would like your uploaded photo to feature in the middle of your print to be Black + White, Colour or alternatively you can leave it up to LL to decide.
Select the flora element for your print...
Please include the 1-3 lines you would like hand lettered at the base/bottom left of your page.
Do we have permission to preview your design on our Instagram?
Ok great! What date are we able to share this piece on our Stories?
And let us know your handle if you would like you to tag you!
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