Please include below your chosen wording/details for the typography that will be hand lettered and featured as part of your gorgeous design, surrounding your photo...
Choose the colour palette of the paint strokes and dribbles to feature in your print
Please upload the photo of your choice to include in your collage print.
Try your best to have your image as high resolution as possible.
We commonly get asked if the background needs to be removed prior to submission and my answer to that is - absolutely not...
we do this for you. If you have a number of photos to choose from and you would like LL to use her design eye to make the decision for you - feel free to include your favourite with your order and then submit an email to with your order number and alternative photos for LL to choose.
Please let us know if you would like your uploaded photo to feature in the middle of your print to be Black + White, Colour or alternatively you can leave it up to LL to decide.
Do we have permission to preview your design on our Instagram?
If in the above question you chose 'Yes but wait...' please let us know when we are OK share this piece on our Stories?
And let us know your Insta handle if you would like our team to tag you!

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