Custom Phrase Wall Tattoo

Louie Luxe

Louie Luxe hand lettered wall tattoo's are here!

Get the short phrase/mantra/motto of your choice whimsically hand lettered in LL's signature style to transform into a breathtaking wall feature to adorn your walls. Perfect for nurseries, bedrooms, playrooms, workspaces, living rooms, kitchens - the options are endless!... Each piece written by hand, by LL exclusively for you...

Please note that your decal is low tack/temporary so they are safe to remove from walls that are in good and decent condition, however they are not repositionable.

Available in Black or White.

Available in Super Fine Line or Full Fine Line signature styles by LL

Please note that your designs allows for a maximum of 12 words and will be designed as one piece (please do not try and fit 2 short sayings into one order as they will be designed and produced as one piece).

A number of standard sizes are available and are as follows:

SIZE A : (W)30cm X (H)10cm - recommended for bedroom doors/smaller space for placement. Perfect for fine, short sayings i.e. 'get it', 'loved', 'enough.'

SIZE B : (W)50cm X (H)15cm - slightly bigger than the 30cm option - if your design is short and sweet, then this tattoo will pack a nice punch in size... if you are using a longer saying then I will fit this neatly into two lines to fit the space.

SIZE C :(W)50cm X (H)30cm - Your piece will be designed over two lines and at this size will be quite the standout. The shorter the saying, the bigger each overall letter will be. If using all 12 words, your saying will be designed accordingly to fit the space.

SIZE D : (W)30cm X (H)50cm - More of a list type design. Your design will be staggered and run portrait in orientation rather than a horizontal/landscape piece.

SIZE E : (W)100cm X (H)15cm -  One long fine line of text just like a tattoo running up your inner forearm. Pop it above your bedhead, your tv, your kitchen cupboards, down a narrow part of wall - get creative team...




Due to current demand and the customised nature of each LL custom artwork, we do ask you to allow 4 weeks for your order to be completed. Once completed, we dispatch all Australian orders via Express Post to limit the time in transit. For non customised pieces your artwork will be shipped within 5 working days.  Once your order has shipped you will receive automated tracking so you can know when to expect your delivery.  

In saying this, we do allow for a small window of expedited orders each week should they be needed urgently. So if you are in urgent need of your custom artwork, please email to discuss your requirements.

Please choose a colour for your wall tattoo...
Here you can select your ink finish for your design - super fine line or full fine line - both lovely (see product images for samples of each style) just up to you to decide....
Please provide us with the phrase of your choice (max. 12 words). Please make note in this box if you have any specifics you would like to include in regards to your design. For example: if you would like it in all lowercase or sentence case, whether you would like a full stop, exclamation mark, 'x' or something of the like? Or alternatively, let me know here if you are happy for me to design how I think it looks best... I want to get this right for you.
If it's okay, we would love to know you're Instagram handle so we can make sure we can keep an eye out for you on the gram!

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