New baby shower printables + more x

New baby shower printables + more x

For those who missed it, my gorgeous sister (fit mama and all round superwoman @reviejane of ) celebrated the pending arrival of baby 'Coconut' in an intimate setting at the start of the year and I had the absolute pleasure of styling the event and creating special bits and pieces for the guests to take home.
You can get the run down and gorgeous shots from the day, HERE.
I thought I would share the love for anyone eyeing off the stationery I designed by creating some free printables, just like I did for my baby shower last year. 
This suite has a very simplistic, watercolour based vibe and totally gender neutral with hints of blush and a soft yellow with touches of hand lettering and super sweet hand illustrations.
I have included 2 versions of the baby predictions printable - one includes 'gender' as a prediction for those uber-patient mamas who don't find out the sex of their baby and the other has left off the gender prediction if it's already public knowledge. All you have to do is click on the below links and it will come up with a printable PDF, print, slice each A4 sheet down the middle to make 2 A5 sheets and repeat for however many you need.
Since Revie's baby shower I have created some of the custom items I designed for her suite for other mama's who have contacted me directly and had their hearts set on the celebration flags and name key tags (that double up as gorgeous place cards... amazingness!) - and I have since decided to make them available via my store for any others who may be interested. 
louie luxe baby shower celebration flags 
(custom name key tags double up as place cards and a little gift for the guests to take home)
(celebration flags... double as table decs and photo props)
Anyway, I hope this has at least provided some inspo or you've found the free printables super helpful and if you decide to use them, please tag me in on Instagram (@louieluxe) or send me piccies via email at I would absolutely love to see them in action.
(me and my babe at Revie's shower)
big love.
March 14, 2016 — Jessica Windle
2 0 1 6 : New Year, Fresh Start

2 0 1 6 : New Year, Fresh Start

A couple of months back on my Instagram I posted about 'Goals + Gratitude' - it was a hit with you guys. Perhaps you feel the same way as I do... I see so many people, mostly young girls, comment of other accounts '#goals'... like a throwaway comment, like they are chasing something hard and fast without truly acknowledging the hard work, failures and heartache that sometimes goes into achieving the things they lust over (it could be a house, job, body, family, outfit...) so perfectly displayed online. So I thought it would be nice to give you guys (and myself) an opportunity to pause at this busy time of year to reflect and plan in time for the brand new 2016 ahead of us.
When I brushed out this design I wanted to change people's mindsets as to how they perceive their goals. It's one thing to have goals and be constantly chasing a better version of yourself, but let's not forget all the amazing things we can be grateful for right now in this present moment. Sometimes acknowledging those things can be just as fulfilling as listing out your dreams and aspirations as you rediscover little bits of goodness that you truly love about our life. So I thought it would be nice to create a list for both... I feel both Goals AND Gratitude deserve the same amount of attention.
So going into the brand new year... this is a little gift from me to you. Click below for your free download... Print to A4 and then perfectly slice down the middle for 2 little A5 sheets to fill out and refer to throughout the year. That way when you get a little lost throughout the year (as we all do!) you can look back and be reminded of all the things that you were excited for at the start of the year and also remember all of those beautiful parts of your life to be grateful for also.
Wishing you a healthy, love-filled and happy new year.
Big love.






December 30, 2015 — Jessica Windle