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July 25, 2017

When I set out to have a little Insta giveaway late last week to launch my new Designer Decals I thought I would receive maybe 20, 30 suggestions. So to receive 300 entries, it's safe to say I nearly fell off my chair. 
The winning design went to @redness419 for her entry of 'At last, my love.' 
I just thought it was so simple, versatile and heart wrenching.
Here it is here...
This winning design will be available (Friday of this week) to purchase as part of my debut decal collection.
As there could only be one winner... I thought as a way of saying thank you for taking the time to enter, and just your support in my work in general I suppose, I would brush out the runner up phrases that were oh so close to being numero uno.
I mean, they were all amazing - ok... except maybe that one weird one about holes? haha - you lot are a beautiful, creative bunch with a lovely way with words. It really was hard to even narrow down to these 5 that were next in line.
But here goes.... (in no particular order)...
Spread your light from day to night.
Such a beautiful message.
Love lives Here
@loveandbuoys and also @lovebitescookies
Yeah it does!
She dreams mores often than she sleeps.
So dreamy!
Mama says BE KIND
Wise words from this mama babe.
Always kiss me goodnight.
Such a beautiful reminder for the bedside table...
So there you have it! Five delicious FREE printables for you to keep. Download via the highlighted links below each image, it will open the high res PDF to a new window which you can then download and save to your computer. Open the PDF once saved and print to a lovely card stock - you can find some lovely linen like thick-y A4 sheets at Officeworks or Spotlight... or any decent craft store really.
Print one or print all, print big or print small!
I hope you love... 
 Make you sure you tag me @louieluxe if you make some use out of these pretties.
Thank you again, lovers.
Big Love 

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