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Louie's HEALTHIER Sticky Date Muffins

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Hands up if one of your hands down fave desserts is sticky date pudding? *waves hands up frantically in the air whilst simultaneously eagerly grumping*
I thought it would only make sense to Loui-fy this classic winner to add to the mix. As usual the recipe is super simple to follow, with minimal ingredients that you can buy from your local grocery store. Because EASE.
What I love most about this recipe (apart from the fact is d.e.l.i.c.i.o.u.s) is it's versatility. I've made it as a loaf (twice) and drizzled the topping all over, I've made it as little bite sized morsels with pretty little edible flowers on top and for the sake of kids lunch boxes I've made them in just plain old muffin form - and they are so great! 
You could of course, bake them in their own individual ramekins, drizzle the sauce on while it's all still piping hot fresh out of the oven and then dollop some ice cream on top to serve as a show-stopper dessert. Just saying.
Anyway, that's enough talk - let's do this!
Download your pretty recipe card HERE.
Save it to your phone, tablet or print it and keep it with the other LL Recipe Cards on offer!
Oh, and I made a filmy thingy version of it this time too in case you are more of a visual tutorial type.
Watch me fumble nervously as I cook one handedly here...
Make sure you tag/mention me on Insta @louieluxe if you decide to make them at home!
Thanks for the support, always.
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