How to make a pretty cake...

How to make a pretty cake...

October 23, 2016

Hey Friends!
So I thought I'd pop up a little vid on Youtube of JUST how easy it is to whip up an on-trend naked cake and then pretty it up using fresh flowers and a gorgeous cake topper. 
I just love how versatile this look is, I get sent piccies of versions of it everyday and it doesn't matter if it's a wedding, baby shower, birthday or 'just because', this cake is just effortlessly beautiful.
I for one find the simplicity of making a fresh and minimalistic cake and then adding a topper to make it relevant to the occasion just so satisfying. Gone are the days of rolling out fondant and trying to achieve a perfect looking cake... rustic goodness is here and I sure do hope it stays!
Now, this is not to take away from the beautiful work of the amazing bakers out there that are producing the most stunning naked cakes I've ever seen and when I am organised enough for a shoot or special occasion, I definitely leave it to the professionals (their work is insanely perfect), but this option I have posted here is purely for the peeps out there who have left it last minute or working to a budget or are set on having a go on their own for that sentimental attachment.
All you need is to bake a basic sponge (x however many layers you would like to stack) - I have done 3 for this tutorial. I've also opted for a chocolate sponge here and wait for it, I even used packet mix! I made a fresh butter cream icing using this recipe via
Just layer the sponges with the buttercream piped between each layer (hot tip: add fresh berries for a fruity hit to your cake) - you may notice I've been pretty skint on the middle of this cake that I'm prepping in the vid but this particular cake was just going to be used for a display at my market stall the following day so I didn't want to be too wasteful...
My biggest tip would be to is invest in one of those flat icing knives that I'm using - I bought mine for $2 from a Japanese dollar store - and it works wonders. Just keep smothering that cake with thin layers of icing and smoothing it out using the blade of the knife and you can't go wrong.
Apart from that I find that a pretty cake stand, fresh flowers and a cake topper is ALL you need to set the tone. 
Let me know if you attempt it and even better - send me piccies!
Big Love





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