By Jessica Windle

Get excited... it's a brand new decade, lovers...

Do you remember what you were up to 10 years ago? Can you wrap your head around all that you've achieved, survived and grown through to get to where you are today? There is something so fresh, so clean slate, so bloomin' exciting about the idea of heading into a brand new year, let alone decade... and I plan on making the most of heading into the brand sparkling new TWENTIES. Who's with me? 

It's been a massive 12 months... it's gone so stupidly quick. A quick recap...

We moved studio to our own exciting space in Southport that we have completely made our own (all the white marble and dusty pink), we've improved our systems, upgraded websites, introduced clothing and textiles to our range... I'll never get over how amazingly you guys took on the LOVE LIFE. movement (CAREER HIGHLIGHT). I went on writing trips to feed the soul (and work on that poetry book which I feel might be here sooner rather than later...eek!), I ran that bloomin' marathon which you guys supported me through so beautifully. So much goodness to fill the year.

It's been a year of a lot of lessons. Some have been quite hard... but that is life - and we learn, we grow and we hope for better for all.

I'm looking forward to the next few days as the clock ticks closer to the new year, visualising, goal setting, reflecting.... and just looking in. Whether it be health, business, family, self love... there is so much to be gained in really having a good think about it all, writing it down and keeping it all in your vision throughout the year. It's powerful stuff.

Each year, I like to make a little printable to help with my goal setting antics and this year is no different. This printable is totally free - just a little gift from me to you so we call all be on our way and make the most of the new year. There are heaps of free inspo pieces you can cut out and stick on vision boards, save as screensaver etc... 2 versions of goals and gratitude printouts (one pinky one and another mono style for the simplicity lovers), a letter to self printable and more.... I hope you love it!




 Anywho, that's it from me for now... as always, thank you so much for everything. All the orders, support, messages, comments, hearts.... they all mean so much to this gal just trying to spread the love and positivity. I'm so excited to bring you more big hearted art in the new decade.

Big love. LL x




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