2 0 1 6 : New Year, Fresh Start

2 0 1 6 : New Year, Fresh Start

December 30, 2015

A couple of months back on my Instagram I posted about 'Goals + Gratitude' - it was a hit with you guys. Perhaps you feel the same way as I do... I see so many people, mostly young girls, comment of other accounts '#goals'... like a throwaway comment, like they are chasing something hard and fast without truly acknowledging the hard work, failures and heartache that sometimes goes into achieving the things they lust over (it could be a house, job, body, family, outfit...) so perfectly displayed online. So I thought it would be nice to give you guys (and myself) an opportunity to pause at this busy time of year to reflect and plan in time for the brand new 2016 ahead of us.
When I brushed out this design I wanted to change people's mindsets as to how they perceive their goals. It's one thing to have goals and be constantly chasing a better version of yourself, but let's not forget all the amazing things we can be grateful for right now in this present moment. Sometimes acknowledging those things can be just as fulfilling as listing out your dreams and aspirations as you rediscover little bits of goodness that you truly love about our life. So I thought it would be nice to create a list for both... I feel both Goals AND Gratitude deserve the same amount of attention.
So going into the brand new year... this is a little gift from me to you. Click below for your free download... Print to A4 and then perfectly slice down the middle for 2 little A5 sheets to fill out and refer to throughout the year. That way when you get a little lost throughout the year (as we all do!) you can look back and be reminded of all the things that you were excited for at the start of the year and also remember all of those beautiful parts of your life to be grateful for also.
Wishing you a healthy, love-filled and happy new year.
Big love.






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